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Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is a building material which consists of various sized elements that form a complete building system. In most cases, every portion of the structural and insulation requirements of a building are satisfied with the one material. The elimination of a number of other materials, and the fact that AAC is an inherently "green" building system, result in a "healthier" building. Low energy required in production, low raw material consumption, ease of use in construction, high energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and recyclability add up to make AAC a very environmentally friendly building material and system.

AAC, apart from being environment friendly by maintaining ecological balance, also possesses additional features like greater thermal insulation, low weight and have a higher compressive strength to weight ratio. In its commitment to contribute towards maintaining the ecological balance and also preserve the flora & fauna, our company is continuously striving to achieve bankable energy efficiencies through a productive usage of Fly Ash.

Our manufacturing is with a two-fold aim to utilize bulk quantities of flyash and help bridge the huge shortfall of bricks and other building materials required by the constantly rising construction activity, undertook the mechanized manufacture of flyash based Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Blocks through its plant located near Panipat. (Haryana).


L x H x Thick Pcs/Cu M Wall Area/Cu M
625x240x100 66.66 Pcs 10.00 Sq M
625x240x125 53.33 Pcs 8.00 Sq M
625x240x150 44.44 Pcs 6.66 Sq M
625x240x200 33.33 Pcs 5.00 Sq M
625x240x225 29.62 Pcs 4.44 Sq M
625x240x250 25.60 Pcs 4.00 Sq M
625x240x300 22.22 Pcs 3.33 Sq M

Relevant IS Standards:
BIS – 2185 (III )- 1984 : Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block.
BIS – 6041 – 1985: Construction of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Masonry.
BIS – 6441 – 1972: Methods of Test for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Product.


1. Size (LxHxT) 625x240x(75 to 300) mm 230x115x75
2. Precision in Size 05 mm (+/-) 05 – 15 mm
3. Compressive Strength > 3 N / mm2 as per IS 2185 05 – 7.5 N / mm2
4. Dry Density 550 – 650 Kg / Cu M (Oven dry) 1950 Kg / Cu M
5. Fire Resistance 02 to 06 Hours(depending upon thickness) 02 Hours
6. Sound Insulation Index 45 db for 200 mm thick wall 50 db for 230 mm thick wall
7. Thermal Conductivity 0.16 w/mo K 0.81 w/mo K
8. Drying Shrinkage 0.04% 0.8%